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    Established in 1997 in Dashiqiao City, the City of Magnesia, YINGKOU RENWEI MINERALS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Renwei) is specialized in vertically-integrated production, sales and services of a wide range of refractory products.
    Renwei has an annual yield totaling 200,000 tons, covering a wide range of products including high purity caustic calcined magnesia powder, sintered magnesia alumina spinel, sintered dolomite, synthetic magnesia dolomite sinter (co-clinker) and various monolithic refractories, guaranteed by a premium dolomite mine with 9.8million tons deposit for its captive use, a flotation production line with an annual output capacity of 100,000 tons, a flash calcination kiln with an annual output capacity of 50,000 tons, three 1850℃rotary kilns, four crushing lines, and three unshaped refractory lines. 
    Thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies, advanced production processes, a full range of testing equipment, and a complete quality assurance system, Renwei cherishes a good reputation of consistent and good quality among renowned refractory customers both at home and abroad, with exports catering international business partners from over 10 countries and regions, among which our monolithic refractories have been exporting to the highly-demanding Japan market in the past two decades. 
    Cherishing our business philosophy of “Survival With Quality, Development With Credit”, Renwei  is committed to providing customers with full-cycled, full-processed and full-sectored services, envisioning an ultimate trust-worthy refractory supplier with a long-term and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with customers. We look forward to partnering with business friends from home and abroad to create a better tomorrow for the refractory industry!

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